Pentecost meeting




We want to spend the Pentecost weekend again in Krzyżowa and therefore we warmly invite you to join it! It should be, as in previous years, an open meeting for people who feel connected to Krzyżowa through meetings, projects etc., as well as for all those who would like to rediscover the place. Feel free to forward this invitation to your friends and bring them along!

In 2019 due to the corona-pandemic the meeting unfortunately cannot take place.


It is an open meeting, everyone is welcome. when it comes to the language, we will again try out a mix of German, English and Polish. We are happy to see our gathering getting more and more international every year


There are different room categories. In the Granary (Spichlerz), there are mainly double rooms (210 PLN) and single rooms (170 PLN) of hotel standard. In the International Youth Meeting Centre, you can book single or double rooms as well as three-bed and four-bed rooms that costs 160, 200, 240 or 300 PLN. There are a few four-bed-rooms without bathroom for 260 PLN. All prices include room per night and breakfast.

In addition, there are costs for meals and programme (dinner and supper, barbeques, bonfires) which cost in total around 210 PLN per person for a stay from Friday evening till Monday morning. There are no charges for rooms and food for children under four. For children between four and 10 years you pay 50% of the price for meals (100 PLN). For a short stay, the price will be reduced. Further costs such as for renting bikes will be calculated on-site. The current Euro-Złoty exchange rate is €1 = 4.30 PLN.


Krzyżowa is about 3.5 hours away from Berlin via bus or car. On Friday, the 7th of June, the "Culture Train" leaves at 12.40 pm and arrives in Wrocław at 4.47 pm. The connecting train to Krzyżowa leaves then at 5.44 pm. On Monday, the 21st of May, the "Culture Train" is going from Wrocław to Berlin at 5.19 pm (arrival time in Berlin-Lichtenberg at 9.25 pm). There are of course various ways via plane, train and bus to get to Wrocław. Don't hesitate to contact us for tips how to get from Wrocław to Krzyżowa.


Please fill in the registration form until 28st of April 2019. Please note that rooms will be allocated in the order of registration and there is a limited amount of three- and four-bed-rooms.