New publication: The DARE Practical Guide for Inclusion

The guide contains many tips on how to design inclusive activities for young people with disabilities. You will find here advice not only on topics such language, competences and methods, but also practical information on accessibility of websites... Read more

Interview zu MICC

"MICC ist nicht ein Projekt, das ein klassisches Seminarformat hat, wo man etwas erzählt und alle gehen nach Hause. Heute – alle haben Zugang zu Informationen – haben wir gemerkt, dass die Jugendlichen sehr gut vorbereitet und wir nicht mehr die... Read more


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About us

The Kreisau-Initiative was founded in 1989 by East and West Berliners in order to support the set-up and maintenance of an international youth meeting centre in Krzyżowa, Poland. We organise youth encounters, workshops, trainings and conferences for different target groups. Our projects are international with participants coming from all over the world, belonging to different generations and having different educational and social backgrounds. Thematically, they fall into the fields of Contemporary History and Human Rights, Inclusion as well as Social-Ecological Transformation. Read more


Ulrike Kind


Studium Politikwissenschaft, neueste Geschichte und öffentliches Recht in Heidelberg, Aix-en-Provence und Bonn (M.A. 1996). Mainzer Polonicum (1997). Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin der Polnischen Robert Schuman Stiftung, Warschau, und persönliche... Read more

Paweł Prokop


Paweł Prokop studied German studies in Warsaw and Berlin and History and Political Science at the FU Berlin. He found his place inside the German-Polish youth exchange starting from being a participant, language interpreter and organizing projects of... Read more

Bernd Böttcher


Bernd Böttcher, after working as a volunteer in Krzyżowa for one year, studied Cultural Sciences at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder). After work experiences in Ukraine he managed an exchange of professionals between Germany,... Read more

Dr. Klaus Pumberger


Klaus Pumberger studied political sciences and history in Salzburg, Innsbruck and Warsaw. He wrote his PhD dissertation about "Solidarity on Strike. Political crisis, social protest and the question of power in Poland 1980/81". Since 2002,... Read more

Uğur Elhan

Programme Manager

Uğur Elhan studied Sociology, Human Rights Law in Turkey, and Intercultural Conflict Management in Berlin. Since 2003, he has been active in the field of youth work and youth policies. He joined the Kreisau-Initiative in October 2019 and is... Read more

Paulina Jaskulska

Project Coordinator

Paulina Jaskulska studied Media Studies in Gniezno (Poland), Greifswald (Germany) and Koper (Slovenia). She has been working for the Kreisau-Initiative since January 2016. Read more

Kerim Somun

Project Coordinator

Kerim Somun he has been working for the Kreisau-Initiative since February 2017. His main focus is the project Model International Criminal Court (MICC). He studied Public Administration at the University of Sarajevo and wrote his bachelor thesis... Read more

Elisabeth Kremer

Programme Manager

Elisabeth Kremer studied German-French studies and European Studies in Germany, France and Denmark. She is a certified teamer of intercultural youth meetings and group-interpreter within the German-French Youth Cooperation. Since May 2018, she has... Read more

Marta Kurek

Board Member

Marta Kurek has studied Business Administration in Poznań (Poland) and Osnabrück (Germany). Her work focuses on historical and political education in Europe. She has been a member of the board since April 2017. Read more

Elżbieta Kosek

Deputy Executive Director Programme Manager

Elżbieta Kosek studied Economy in Berlin and Media Pedagogy in Rostock. From 2007 to 2012 she worked as a Programme Manager in the International Youth Center in Krzyżowa. In January 2013 she started her work for the Kreisau-Initiative. She... Read more

Nina Lüders

Executive Director Programme Manager

Nina Lüders studied Political Science. She became a Project Coordinator for the Kreisau-Initiative in 2009 and since 2014 she is its Executive Director. She coordinates the field Contemporary History and Human Rights. Read more

Dominik Mosiczuk

Board Member

Dominik Mosiczuk has studied International Affairs and Russian Philology in Wrocław and Aberystwyth. From 2006-2009 he worked for the Krzyżowa Foundation and from 2009-2013 for the Kreisau-Initiative. He has been a board member since April 2017. Read more

Carolin Wenzel

Programme Manager

Carolin Wenzel has studied Integrated European Studies as well as Culture and History of Central and Eastern Europe. She has been working for the Kreisau-Initiative since 2011. She is the programme manager of the field Contemporary History and Human... Read more


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